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Located in Northeast Tennessee, Precision Machine & Welding, Inc. is a family owned production machine shop, providing CNC and conventional machining support for various manufacturing firms including, but not limited to, the bearing industry, coal mine parts manufacturing, air filter manufacturing, and consumer-related products.

Established in 1986, Precision Machine & Welding, Inc. has distinguished itself by providing beyond the ordinary machining services for its customers in both production and prototype runs.



Precision Machine & Welding
175 Holder Road
Afton, Tennessee 37616
Phone: (423) 638-9000
Fax: (423) 638-9033

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machine shop, metal working, cnc machine shop - Precision Machine & Welding, Inc. is a family owned business beginning as a two-man operation and growing each year to become a multi-million dollar business by the end of the mid 1990s with employment reaching a record high 30 employees. We have grown from a 1900 square foot CNC Machine Shop space area to a present production and office complex of 13, 912 square feet.Commitment to unsurpassed quality and dedication to customer service has become, and will remain, the foundation of PMW's success.As a well-coordinated team effort, we pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time and demanding the highest standards of our employees so as to offer error-free competitive products ontime-anytime. With our machine shop high-tech CNC machine shop and metal working equipment we are able to handle small runs or thousands of parts per run. We have 17 CNC mills and lathes in addition to 6 conventional lathes and 4 conventional mills, 3 automatic cut-off saws and various support equipment (see complete machine listing). Precision Machine & Welding, Inc. has its own pickup and delivery trucks in three various sizes. We pick up and deliver up to a 200 mile radius in addition to the common carrier lines and UPS daily pickups. machine shop, metal working, cnc machine shop